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    5 Traits of a Successful Turkey Hunter

    Among the many types of hunts out there, a wild turkey hunt may be one of the most difficult that you can embark on. Luckily, the most successful turkey hunters around have more than a few things in common. Below are the top 5 traits you’ll want to develop if you plan on becoming a successful turkey hunter.

    1. Preparedness

    A successful turkey hunter knows how to prepare and is likely doing it year-round. They’ll research their prey, practice new calls, go scouting, and be more than ready for the hunt once turkey season comes around. They’ll also make sure to keep licenses and tags up to date and to keep all equipment and gear in good working order.

    2. Environmental Capability

    Great turkey hunters can work with their environment, and are able to move silently among trees, brush and various terrains with ease. They’re also observant and alert, ready at all times to see clues of nearby prey. Successful turkey hunters also know the lay of the land and are knowledgeable about trees and plants, weather, and their surroundings.

    3. Calling Proficiency

    A must-have for a successful turkey hunter is the ability to call well. The best turkey hunters are always perfecting their technique and are proficient with multiple instruments and methods. They use boxes, mouth calls, tube calls, scratch calls, among others, and have instinctively learned when to use which one.

    4. Adaptability

    A successful turkey hunter is highly adaptable. Although much of the quarry’s behavior can be learned, all wild animals can be unpredictable and can surprise less experienced hunters. Couple that with the varied terrain of a turkey hunt and you’re in for quite the ride. The best turkey hunters have learned to think on their toes, go with the flow, and expect the unexpected.

    5. Persistence

    Turkey hunts are tough. There is a lot to learn to become successful and much of it can only be learned through experience. Because of this, you need to be persistent, keep your goals in mind, and keep trying. Regularly learn new techniques and take away all of the lessons that you can from each hunt and each moment, and you’ll be well on your way to being a successful turkey hunter in no time.

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