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    It’s Time To Book Your Spring Turkey Hunt

    Are you looking to take a turkey or two next spring? This is the time to start planning your hunt! The Oklahoma Hunt Club offers members the opportunity to hunt turkeys on wide range of excellent farms throughout the state. Read on for further details!

    The Lay Of The Land In Oklahoma

    Turkey hunting in Oklahoma is at the highest peak it’s reached in decades. Careful conservation has led to healthy stocks of game birds throughout the state, and there are now turkeys available in every county. Oklahoma is particularly fortunate to have three different species of turkey to offer you: Rio Grande, Merriam, and Eastern.

    For turkey hunting, you’ll need a shotgun with a tight choke or a hunting bow suitable for use on smaller game. Many bow hunters recommend mechanical heads for turkey hunting in order to prevent over-penetration. Make sure you buy nontoxic shot if you plan on hunting in or near protected wildlife areas.

    The Advantages Of The Oklahoma Hunt Club

    The Oklahoma Hunt Club maintains a diverse array of properties throughout the state. Many of the areas we use for whitetail deer hunting also have healthy turkey populations. We can provide access to a wide range of different terrains that are ideal for all three species of local birds, with plenty of timber stands, creeks, and agriculturally developed properties. Remember that our turkey hunts are members only, (no guests allowed) so you’ll need to join up to take full advantage of our resources.

    Details And Restrictions

    The spring turkey hunting season runs from April 6th to May 6th. Oklahoma hunters are limited to bagging no more than 2 turkeys per season. Bear in mind all of our turkey-hunting properties are located in single-bird counties. This means you should schedule a hunt including trips to multiple properties if you want to bag 2 turkeys.

    ATVs and other motorized vehicles are not allowed on our hunts. While we don’t place any maturity restrictions on our members’ turkey hunting, we encourage you to prioritize mature birds over jakes and younger turkeys. This ensures that all of our properties maintain a strong population of fully-grown birds from year to year.

    While the Oklahoma Hunt Club can offer you plenty of great turkey-hunting opportunities, you don’t want to leave your arrangements up to the last minute. Get started on your booking today!

    To book your hunt on one of our many private Oklahoma properties call us at 918.633.4589 or contact us today.