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    Ownership Vs Membership

    If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a private section of land for hunting, you may want to think again. The Oklahoma Hunt Club offers you a wiser, safer alternative. Consider your options, the finest properties are typically tied up in multi-generational family or estates and they are simply not for sale and probably never will be.

    ⇒ Count the Cost
    We believe that buying your own hunting land is not a wise use of resources. Actually for less than the annual cost of upkeep and taxes, members enjoy exclusive and unlimited access to thousands of acres of private hunting land. Consider buying a $600,000.00 property at 30 percent down; your out-of-pocket cost would be $180,000.00 immediately. The Oklahoma Hunt Club membership is under 3 percent of that amount.

    ⇒ No Maintenance Headaches- We Do All the Work
    Why spend half of your free hunting time doing maintenance on your property. As a member of the Oklahoma Hunt Club you will have peace of mind knowing you can enjoy your time in the woods hunting without the worry of doing maintenance.

    ⇒ Hunting Diversity
    After awhile, hunting the same property over and over can become monotonous. The expansive diversity of the Oklahoma Hunt Club properties will hold your interest for more than a lifetime of hunting.

    ⇒ Poacher Control
    One of the primary problems in maintaining a high-quality hunting farm on private properties is poacher control. Through our management experience we have found that in order to truly eliminate poaching you must have caretakers living on or patrolling the properties daily. Our caretakers live on the properties or monitor them on a daily basis. We always invite and encourage our members to help us keep an eye out.