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    Rules Of The Club

    All of the properties will be listed on the website and will be numbered. The website is, Members will have a user ID to get into the website and reserve which properties they want to hunt and what they will be hunting for. Members will be able to reserve properties up to three weeks in advance and up to three days in a row. There is no private leasing where only one member will be able to hunt a particular farm, every member will be able to hunt every farm we have within the club.

    1. Our club operates on a three-strike rule. For each rule violated, the member will receive one (1) strike. Once a member reaches three (3) strikes their MEMBERSHIP WILL BE REVOKED. This rule does NOT apply to the illegal harvesting of any animal.
    2. Any hunting or fishing game regulations over the limit or ILLEGAL HARVESTING of any animals that are broke within the Oklahoma limit or the limits of The Oklahoma Hunt Club hunt will result in your membership being IMMEDIATLEY REVOKED. Illegal harvesting includes any animal that is shot out of season, over the bag limit, from a vehicle, or spotlighted.
    3. There will be absolutely NO ALCOHOL on any of the club properties!
    4. Any damage to any personal property or physical property of all land owners, Oklahoma Hunt Club, and anyone associated with Oklahoma Hunt Club will be the responsibility of the member. All membership privileges will be suspended until payment of the same is made.
    5. All gates must be shut immediately after entering and exiting. All gates are NEVER to be left open! (Note- Not all properties have a gate)
    6. There will be absolutely NO TRAPPING on any of the club properties at any time of the year!
    7. Each farm will have a list on what species of animals will be able to be harvested on each particular farm. If a member shoots a animal that is NOT LISTED to be harvested on a farm the member will have their MEMBERSHIP REVOKED IMMEDIATELY.
    8. All members are required to schedule their dates prior to hunting. If you are unable to make your scheduled hunt, you will need to remove your reservation as soon as possible. If you schedule a hunt and “no-show” it WILL COUNT as one (1) strike.
    9. There will be NO target shooting or practicing of any kind on Oklahoma Hunt Club properties.
    10. Members MUST ask if they can hang their own tree stands or put up a new blind on a property.
    11. Members MUST wear a safety vest/harness while hunting in tree stands. If this rule is not followed, the member will have their MEMBERSHIP REVOKED IMMEDIATELY.

    All of the rules are established for safety and management reasons.

    If you have any further question call 918.633.4589 today.