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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I reserve hunting dates OHC properties?

    A: All Members are required to log onto the website and reserve hunting dates. The Member will log into our website, which includes a list of all openings and reserved dates for all of our properties.

    Q: Will I be able to hunt when my schedule permits?

    A: Yes. We manage a property inventory large enough to support all of our Members on any given day.

    Q: Is the club membership capped?

    A: Yes. Our membership is currently capped at 35 members for the first year. Member referrals make up the majority of our new memberships. Our members are encouraged to refer their friends and family Members to the club.

    Q: Will OHC attempt to add more private hunting properties?

    A: Yes. Our top priority will be to acquire as many of the finest hunting properties available.

    Q: May I transfer my membership?

    A: Yes. Members may transfer their membership to a relative for no additional fee. Annual dues will become the responsibility of the new Member.

    Q: Are any membership fees/dues refundable if I choose to resign my membership in the club?

    A: No all membership fees and dues are non-refundable upon verbal or written agreement of memberships.

    Q: Are my family members considered guests?

    A: No. Anyone living in the direct household of the Member is not considered a guest and has the right to all membership privileges. Kids under the age of 18 will not be allowed to come and go on their own without the Member with them.

    Q: May I bring a guest?

    A: Yes. Members will be allowed to bring one guest for free while, Waterfowl, Upland, and Predator hunting, every Member after the first Member pays a guest fee of $125 per gun per day.

    Q: Are guest allowed to hunt on OHC properties without the Member?

    A: No. Guest of Individual members and guest of Corporate Members will not be allowed to hunt on properties without being accompany with the Member.

    Q: Are Members required to have a guide on OHC properties?

    A: Guides are encouraged but not mandatory. All of OHC properties are accessible to Members without a guide.

    Q: Is lodging available to Members when they visit OHC properties?

    A: As of now OHC does not have any lodging but planning on building lodges in the future.