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    Whitetail Deer Hunting

    Oklahoma Whitetail Deer HuntingEach membership will be allowed two (2) bucks and four (4) does, which is the Oklahoma limit per person per year. There will be NO GUEST deer hunting through the club! We will have cull bucks on some farms and we will need to take these deer out, a cull buck is not consider your trophy buck for the year, its a deer with poor genetics or a old deer that is on the decline that we do not want breeding our does and they will be consider a extra buck. Our guides determine the cull bucks, it is not at the discretion of the member. Each individual farm has a quota on the harvest of trophy bucks each season. In the event that a member has a hunt scheduled and the trophy buck quota is reached prior to that members hunt, said members shall be allowed to hunt their reserved hunt days and harvest a trophy buck. There will be an understanding that no more trophy buck hunting will be allowed after that reserved time has expired.

    The club plants spring/summer food plots and fall/winter food plots for our deer, this provides a year round food source for our deer and helps keep our deer on the farms year round. We provide tree stands and/or ground blinds for our members as well as trail cameras. If a Member has a particular spot they would like to hunt they may request permission to hang their own stands or set-up a blind. Each deer property will have a buck and doe quota each season. We get theses quotas from pre-season scouting with trail cameras and watching the properties on site with spotting scopes. If a member harvest a button buck they will be penalized in the amount of $500.00. The penalties are not meant for the purpose of making the club a non fun environment or making extra money, but to keep all members accountable and as a reminder that there are consequences for breaking club rules. The club manages all there whitetail properties so we have quality trophy farms for our members to enjoy and see big mature deer on the farms. If a member harvests a buck, that member is then responsible to harvest an antler less deer. The harvest of antler-less deer has to be mature does, no yearlings! The reason being for the antler-less harvest is to maintain good buck to doe ratios on our farms and quality heard management. If a member harvest a antlered deer, a photo and corresponding phone call or text message is to be sent to the owner of the club Tyler Gottula. This is so we can keep track of deer harvest numbers and to prove the maturity of any antlered deer so we can keep track of farm quotas. Members will be able to use ATV(S)’s only to haul deer out of the field. Absolutely no ATV(S)’s to and from the stands, walk in only.

    **Oklahoma Hunt Club REQUIRES that ALL members wear safety harnesses while hunting out of tree stands! Although tree stands are stable and secure, there is no need to take unnecessary risk. Oklahoma Hunt Club and all of their affiliates are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any accidents or injuries** 

    We require our members to harvest mature doe’s, NO YEARLINGS!!


    We at The Oklahoma Hunt Club work hard on our property so our members can focus on enjoying the hunt. Call us at 918.633.4589 or contact us online to book your whitetail deer hunt on one of our many private Oklahoma properties today.

    “Your next trophy is waiting.”
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