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    5 Guns Every Hunter Should Have

    Depending on the type of game being hunting, and the terrain where it lives, it’s often necessary to own more than one gun. To be sure you’re covered for any hunting situation, here are five guns every hunter should own:

    .22 Rifle

    Light and with virtually no recoil, the .22 rimfire is perfect for cheap target practice and hunting small game from squirrels to raccoons and even grouse, if you can catch one sitting in a tree. There are plenty of makes and models to choose from, and most are relatively inexpensive. With actions available bolt, lever and semi auto.

    12 Gauge Shotgun

    The 12 gauge is able to take a variety of game and is also a great home-defense gun. With the correct loads and proper choke, a 12 gauge can take small game, game birds, waterfowl, and turkeys, keep varmints out of the hen house and put in the winter’s supply of venison and a bear skin rug on the wall. With a quality slug barrel and scope the 12 gauge can take big game up to 200 yards away.

    Brush or Woods Rifle

    Most hunters in the U.S., especially in the east, do the vast majority of their big-game hunting in thick cover where a 100-yard shot is a fairly long one. Under these conditions, the lever-action .30-30 Winchester and .35 Remington are hard to beat. Handy with light recoil, these two calibers are more than enough gun for large game like deer, wild hogs, and black bear.

    Long-Range Rifle

    When hunting deer, elk, caribou, moose, sheep or pronghorn where a 100-yard shot is fairly close, like the Rocky Mountains, the Alaskan tundra or the desert southwest, you need something with some reach. For these situations, a caliber in the .300 Winchester magnum down through the .270 Winchester class will all fill the bill. Any calibers in this class will shoot flat and maintain enough energy out to 400 yards to get the job done.

    Big-Bore Rifle

    Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Africa for cape buffalo, having a big-bore rifle in the .458 Winchester to the .375 H&H magnum class will allow you to hunt pretty much any game on the planet. A big bore is also a good rifle to have as a back on a trip to Alaska, especially if you want to go after the big brown bears of the coast.

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