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    Preparing for the Fall Hunting Season

    Preparing for hunting season may not be on your mind in late summer, but with fall around the corner now is the time to start cleaning your gear and making reservations. With some basic prep, you can be in the woods on the first day of the season.

    Check Your Gear

    Late summer is an excellent time to find sales and discounts on hunting gear for autumn. Check your current gear for signs of damage, and replace any items that are too worn for the woods. Wear your new hunting gear a few times before you go hunting to make sure everything fits comfortably. Now is also a good time to pick up ammo, arrowheads or new arrows in preparation for the beginning of the fall hunting season.

    Pre-Buy Your License

    If you have new hunters in the house, check your local community for an upcoming hunter’s education course to ensure you can enjoy the first days of hunting season together. Some states also allow you to pre-purchase your hunting license for the year in anticipation of fall.

    Review your local hunting guide to brush up on any new regulations in your state. If you are planning on hunting in another state, you should also purchase a license for that state and be aware of the local regulations. Make sure you bring a copy of your hunter’s education card when purchasing your license.

    Make Reservations

    The first days of deer season are the most popular for hunters across the United States. Anyone planning on visiting a hunting club or staying in a hunting cabin should consider making their reservations as soon as the club opens for the new season. Check the regulations for the hunting club to determine whether fees or other regulations apply to your first hunting trip of the season.

    Practice Shooting

    Get a jump start on hunting season by cleaning your guns, replacing your bow string and sharpening your hunting knives. After cleaning and updating your hunting gear, head to the shooting range to brush up on your aim.

    Go Hiking

    Spending time outdoors is the most effective way to physically get ready for hunting season. Hiking increases your endurance and build muscle, allowing you to chase the big buck that you have been dreaming of all summer without running out of breath. If hiking isn’t for you, head to he gym to increase your stamina and endurance.

    Make your reservations on private land today by contacting the Oklahoma Hunt Club.