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    Why You Should Have a Hunting Guide

    There are many reasons that keeping an updated hunting guide is a good idea. First and foremost, it will keep you from making costly mistakes that could hurt your chances of hunting in the future. Each year hunting guides are released with current information on what you can hunt, when you can hunt it, and what will happen to you if you hunt the wrong thing at the wrong time. To keep your hunting season from being cut short, do yourself a favor and get a guide as soon as possible so you are educated on everything you need to know.

    How much do hunting licenses cost? How long do they last? Are they different for state residents and non-residents? When do you need a permit to hunt, and when do you need a license? These are all important questions with important answers you need to know, and a hunting guide will give you all of that information. It will also give you the details you need on field tagging and checking, dates of seasons for hunting different animals, and information about E-check, hunter orange requirements, and hunter education.

    Each year changes are made to hunting regulations, hunting seasons, and licensing. The guide will tell you all of the changes that have gone into effect since the last year so you aren’t confused about something based on what it used to be. This is very important information that you need to know so you aren’t caught hunting an animal off-season or hunting them in an area you should not be utilizing.

    Have questions about hunting with dogs, or from a motor vehicle, or shooting from a road? A hunting guide can help you out with that information. It can also give you the regulations on the taking, possessing, or selling of wildlife, gaining landowner permission, using headlights or spotlights during hunting, what is required for the transportation of firearms, and which animal species are protected from hunters and which ones are endangered or threatened.

    Hunting can be a very exciting and rewarding activity, but if you want to get the most out of it you will need to do it responsibly. Get an updated hunting guide every year, read it cover to cover, keep it with your equipment when you go out, and learn from it so you can be a responsible and educated member of the hunting community.