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    What type of product is available to mask my scent while I’m hunting?

    The problem with hunting game is that most animals that you’d commonly hunt, such as deer, rabbits and so on, have a much better sense of smell than humans do. This means that if you just get your gun and head off into the woods to hunt, any time the animals get even the slightest hint of your scent, they will run far away from you before you can even see them.

    This is especially the case if they are downwind of you. This is because the wind will take your scent directly to their noses. If this happens, it’s unlikely you’ll ever even see any game because they will always be alerted to where you are.

    Fortunately, there are measures you can take to prevent this from happening. For one thing, you can mask your scent from game animals by purchasing products that prevent your scent from getting too far away from your body. An example of this type of product would be clothing made of merino wool.

    This product keeps your sweat inside as opposed to other synthetic clothing that can transmit your scent into the air through scent quickly. Special wool can kill microbes and moisture which will prevent your scent from reaching the animals you’re hunting.

    Another option for products that mask your scent are special sprays that just make your scent much less. These are sometimes in wipes for your skin as well. If you wipe down yourself and all of your clothing including jacket, boots, and anything else that could conceivably carry your scent with elimination products, this will mask it and keep it from giving you away.

    One of the final ways to mask your scent is to cover it with something more natural. The ideal approach is to always remain downwind from your prey so they can’t smell anything at all, but since this isn’t always possible, you can make yourself smell like something else that’s not as threatening as a human. You can make yourself smell like cow or elk urine, for example. The right scent-covering product will depend on the type of game that you’re hunting.

    It’s always good to have a secondary plan for masking your scent even if you’re trying hard to remain always downwind from the prey you’re hunting, because you never know when the wind could shift on you because of a local environmental effect you really couldn’t predict.