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    What can I do to stop poachers from coming on my land?

    Hunters use private land to avoid other hunters and to find a larger population of game animals than is available on public lands. They enter into an agreement with the landowner to be respectful of his property and in return they get a safer place to hunt. The owner and hunters are all aware of the locations of livestock and people. They are able to take the appropriate steps when deciding on locations and firing lanes.

    When poachers trespass onto the property, they can spoil the hunting and endanger those that have permission to be there. By taking a few precautionary steps a landowner can help to limit these illegal trespassers.

    No Trespassing Signs

    By placing the small orange No Trespassing signs around the perimeter of the property the landowner is letting the would be offenders know that there will be consequences if they are caught on the land. These inexpensive signs are available at most outdoor supply stores in packages of 100 or more. For the best results they should be placed within sight of each other.


    Security cameras are a bit more expensive than signs, but it does offer evidence that a violation has occurred. By using motion sensor game cameras they will also let the landowner know where the game is entering their property and the best place to set up hunting stands.

    Call the Police

    It is rightfully the police’s job to investigate trespassing claims. That is what the property taxes are paid for. It also relieves the landowner from responsibility by preventing a potentially violent confrontation with the trespasser. Whenever it is suspected that a poacher has trespassed onto private land, this should be the first response.

    It is important to note that setting traps and snares in an attempt to capture or injure a poacher can open up the landowner to lawsuits and possible criminal charges. They can also be a hazard to hunters that are there lawfully and to the game animals that the landowner is trying to protect. Traps and snares should never be used to prevent illegal poaching.

    For more information contact the Oklahoma Hunt Club at 918.633.4589 or online today.