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    Waterfowl Hunting in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is a wonderful haven for duck and goose hunting. Whether you are an experienced hunter or you’re just starting out, the area offers some of the best areas to hunt game birds in the United States. Here is some more information about Oklahoma waterfowl hunting, including the right seasons and areas in Oklahoma to target for successful hunting.

    Hunting Seasons for Waterfowl

    In Oklahoma, hunters go goose and duck hunting from October through January. Exact dates will vary by county, so hunters should check with the local game warden’s office before venturing out on a hunting excursion. Most areas include youth days where younger hunters can take part in the sport. Shooting hours generally start thirty minutes before sunrise and continue through sunset. Bag limits vary by bird, so make sure to check local regulations before hunting.


    Oklahoma is located at the southern part of the Central Flyway and is part of the migratory destination for many different species of ducks and geese. The Northwest Salt Plains in Oklahoma offer some great waterfowl hunting options, as does Fort Supply Lake. Other areas that are rich in waterfowl include Panhandle Optima Lake and Kaw, Hulah and Sooner Lakes in north-central Oklahoma. In the northeast part of the state, hunters often journey to Oklahoma Oologah Lake, Verdigris River Valley, Fort Gibson, Grand Lake and Keystone Lake in search of ducks and geese. The southern part of Oklahoma includes hunting destinations like Oklahoma Eufaula, Kerr Lake, Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, Wister, Hugo, Red Slough, Sardis and Texoma.


    Because of Oklahoma’s location in relation to the Central Flyway, it is a destination for many different species of game birds. Hunters can find puddle ducks, teal ducks, mallards, and several other kinds of duck in the area. Many different kinds of geese are also in the state including white-fronted geese, Canada geese, and snow geese.

    If you’re hunting game birds, keep Oklahoma in mind for your next hunting excursion. The area is home to many game birds, and hunters can enjoy a lot of success hunting birds in the area.

    You can contact Oklahoma Hunt Club for more information at 918.633.4589