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    Upland Hunting in Oklahoma

    Upland hunting in Oklahoma comprises bird hunting in high prairie and grassland regions of the state and typically runs from mid-November through February depending on the species. These regions are found across northern, central, and western Oklahoma into the panhandle. Ring-necked pheasants have a shorter season usually opening on December 1 and ending in early January.

    Bird Hunting

    Two types of quail – the bobwhite and scaled – are found in Oklahoma. They are ground dwelling and prefer to eat seeds and insects, which are found among the native grasses. Ring-necked pheasants are also prevalent in parts of the state. Unlike quail, they prefer cultivated fields and will run into the open when flushed or fly into low-growth woodlands for cover. They can often be found eating left over grain in harvested fields.

    Best Regions

    Bobwhite quail can be found statewide while scaled quail are found only in the panhandle region and the farthest western counties of the state. Pheasant can be found in the farming areas of northern and western Oklahoma, especially in the top tier of counties from Kay County to the west.

    Hunting Dogs

    Bird hunting dogs are essential to quail hunting or pheasant hunting. Both birds can be well hidden in the thick grasslands and underbrush and a good dog will flush them out and go on point so you can make the kill. They are also indispensable for retrieving in the featureless prairie. Some guided hunts use their own well-trained dogs or you can bring your own.


    Hunting gear essentials and extras include:
    • Hunting license
    • Guns
    • Ammunition
    • Blaze orange vest/cap
    • Boots
    • Water bottle
    • Snacks
    • Warm jacket
    • Ear protection
    • Ice chest for transporting birds


    Although the best gun for any type of upland hunting is the one you are most comfortable using, if you are new to the sport or want to try a new gun, you might give one of the following hunting guns a try:
    • 20-gauge Remington 1100
    • 12-gauge or 20-gauge shotgun of various makes
    • .410 shotgun for smaller people

    Make your reservations on private land today by contacting the Oklahoma Hunt Club.