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    Top reasons to hunt in Oklahoma

    Oklahoma is a great state to hunt in because its wildlife is so incredibly abundant. Unlike the East Coast, Oklahoma was developed later than other areas, so its plants and animals have been conserved using modern methods. Many hunters would be surprised at the different types of game available. Here are some of the top reasons to hunt in Oklahoma.

    History of Hunting for the Sooners

    On the edge of the Great Plains and Ozark Plateau, Oklahoma has a humid subtropical climate. This is great for many types of game. The state has been the home for hunter-gather tribes throughout its history.

    With the 1890 Sooner land rush, the state was developed by dedicated, hard-working individuals who love the outdoors. The State of Oklahoma has been able to better care for its wildlife using the latest conservation methods and techniques.

    Professional Wildlife Conservation

    The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation manages more than 1.6 million acres of wilderness areas. Some of these lands have been added by cooperative agreements. Individuals can visit the website at “” to learn about the season, areas and controlled hunts.

    Surveys Maps & Reports

    In Oklahoma, you will have plenty of additional information to help make your hunt the best. These can be found on the aforementioned Department of Wildlife Conservation. There is no need to get lost or wonder where you will find the best game. Track annual reports to improve your chances.

    Incredible Game Population

    There is an abundance of wildlife in Oklahoma that allows for any hunter to catch his fair allotment. The deer population overlapping with the State of Texas is one of the most robust in the nation. There are small game, waterfowl, turkey, pheasant and elk opportunities for the average hunter. Those who appreciate the more exotic, can hunt antelope, bear, mountain lions and peregrines.

    Great Hunting Opportunities in Oklahoma

    Unlike older hunted-out areas, Oklahoma wildlife remains a hidden gem. You won’t need to compete with throngs for limited gaming opportunities. The State of Oklahoma is located in the ideal location for an abundance of wildlife. The Oklahoma wildlife conservation department can answer any of your questions. If you want a great hunt: Think Oklahoma and contact us today!