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    Top 5 Animals To Hunt In Oklahoma

    Oklahoma has a long tradition of hunting, and even today, is known as one of the premier hunting areas in the country. A number of species are plentiful in the wide, open spaces of the state. Hunters can have their choice of game for hunting:

    1 – Whitetail Deer

    Oklahoma has one of the best-managed deer populations in the country. Thousands of hunters come to the state to try for a whitetail deer to add to their trophy wall. Gun-hunting deer season runs from late November to December. Private hunting areas generally set out seasonal foraging plants to attract herds to ensure a successful hunting experience. Limits are assigned to each property to ensure that the proper deer-to-buck ratios are sustained.

    2 – Duck

    Oklahoma offers numerous ponds, lakes, marshes, sloughs and rivers where hunters can find a wealth of waterfowl. Duck hunting is one of the top favorites in October through December, in various regions of the state. In Oklahoma, hunters are allowed six ducks, five Mergansers and 15 coots. Other regulations also apply. Private hunting areas may offer permanent blinds in some areas. Layout blinds are used in dry field areas.

    3 – Quail

    Oklahoma is one of the few places left in the United States with good quail hunting, with many upland properties that are prime areas for hunting quail and other game. These birds make their habitat is areas with both open area and woody cover for their nests. Quail season in Oklahoma runs from December to February.

    4 – Turkey

    Turkey hunting is frequently done on the same properties as white-tailed deer hunts. These areas are generally agricultural fields, creek bottoms and lumber lots. The spring turkey-hunting season in Oklahoma runs from April to May. The fall season is open for a few weeks in November in open counties.

    5 – Bobcats

    Oklahoma’s bobcats offer hunters a satisfying experience, with a trophy that draws comment. Bobcats are stealthy animals that can be challenging to track and target. Separate regulations apply to different furbearing species in Oklahoma and should be researched carefully.

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