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    Pros and Cons of Hunting with a Guide

    Hunting is a very enjoyable recreational sport. When hunting, it is normally advisable to have a hunting guide with you. The following article seeks to outline a few benefits and downsides of using a hunting guide when hunting.

    Where to Hunt

    One benefit of having a guide when hunting is that you have a list of all the places you are allowed to hunt. Although some areas are allowed for hunting, there are other places that are restricted for hunting. For instance, watershed areas may be allowed to hunters who have a permit. The fees and instructions for acquiring that permit are provided in guides for hunting.

    What are the Laws on Hunting?

    The laws associated with hunting in particular areas are listed in hunting guides. For instance, some regions do not allow hunters to use certain weapons when hunting during certain seasons. For instance, in some regions, bow hunting is not allowed during a certain time of the year. Knowing the laws on hunting in particular regions will keep you out of trouble and prevent you from incurring unnecessary expenses.

    Security Against Getting Lost

    Some hunting guides have maps to help hunters when they get lost. The guide could also have a list of people a hunter can call when faced with specific scenarios. For instance, a hunter could contact the police in emergency situations or in other areas park rangers could offer assistance.

    Limited Freedom

    When you are hunting with a hunting guide, you might be more concerned about abiding to the rules and regulations of hunting than enjoying your hunt. Hunting with such a mentality will usually take the fun out of the hunting experience. It is preferable to hunt with someone who actually knows about the laws and regulations on hunting since your attention will be focused on hunting and not on the guide.

    Difficult to Understand

    Some of the laws or restriction zones can be difficult to tell when you are using a hunting guide. You could easily hunt in restricted territory through a minor miscalculation because a hunting guide is not as accurate as having a person show you the particular areas that are out of bounds.

    Difficult Access

    It can be hard to acquire a hunting guide especially if you are new in a particular state. Without knowing all the right people, one may find it difficult to get a hunting guide.

    Contact the Oklahoma Hunt Club for more information about guides.