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    Oklahoma Hunting Limits

    Hunting in the amazing state of Oklahoma offers a lot of available wildlife that you will find challenging yet fun to capture. When it comes to Oklahoma hunting laws, there are certain limits that are put into place. The reason for these limits has to do with the simple fact that deer must be preserved and they cannot be if hunters are simply hunting whatever they want. The limits and laws in Oklahoma concerning the hunting of deer are very clear, so it’s important that you familiarize yourself with these limits to ensure that you have a more enjoyable time with the sport.

    In Oklahoma, hunters are limited to hunting only two white tail bucks limits season and four total white tail does each season. This is the absolute limit that has been put into place for hunters of all types and kinds. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or brand new to the sport and even with a special hunting license, you still need to follow these regulations. By following these limits, you are helping to preserve the white tail deer in the area so that they do not become limited in time because of the amount of hunting in Oklahoma.

    If you happen to go over the limit of Oklahoma hunting guidelines, you can get hit with a pretty hefty fine. The reasoning behind this fine is to stop hunters from continually shooting over the limit when it comes to white tail deer. You may also have to go to court if you happen to shoot over the limit and are found guilty. These are obviously things that you’ll want to discuss with a lawyer if you need one at the time of your hearing. Many people who go over the limit of hunting rules will be hit with a fine and penalty for what they have done.

    As stated before, the Oklahoma hunting limit guidelines are put into place for very good reasons, so this is why it is essential that you do not go over them just for the sake of the sport. Be sure to keep count of any and all white tail deer that you hunt each season to determine where you fall when it comes to Oklahoma hunting limits. Staying within the recommended limits for hunting is beneficial for you, other hunters and for the deer that might be involved in it as well.  Contact the Oklahoma Hunt Club for more information.