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    November & December- What Can I Hunt?

    Hunting laws and seasonal restrictions are difficult to follow when you do not know the rules. Read on to learn which animals you can hunt, when you can hunt them, and what weapons you can use during the months of November and December to make this fall a season of clean hunting.

    Deer Hunting

    Deer hunting archery season opens on October 1st, and it extends all the way to January 15th. If you plan to use a gun, you can hunt deer from November 21st to December 6th. However, antlerless days vary within the hunting zones. There is also a special holiday antlerless deer hunting season that lasts from December 18th to December 27th. This holiday season only exists in open zones.


    Elk hunting season overlaps with deer hunting, but elk hunting comes with a few additional rules. Archery season begins on October 1st and lasts until January 15th. You can start hunting elk with guns as early as November 21st. This season ends on December 6th. The holiday antlerless elk hunting season goes from December 18th to December 27th. All elk hunting seasons are only available on the open zones of private land, and they all close when the quota has been met.

    Turkey, Quail, Pheasant, and Dove Hunting

    Archery season, for turkey, begins on October 1st, and the season extends to January 15th. Turkeys can only be hunted with a gun from October 31st to November 20th, and only in open counties. Quail season runs from November 14th to February 15th. Whereas pheasants can be hunted from December 1st to January 31st, but only in open counties. Doves can be hunted from December 19th to December 27th.

    Rabbit and Squirrel Hunting

    Rabbit season spans several months. It opens on October 1st and ends on March 15th. Squirrel hunting is legal for a large portion of the year as well. Squirrel season begins on May 15th and ends on January 31st.

    Hunting an animal with the wrong weapon, or during the wrong season, can result in large fines and serious legal ramifications. Be sure to follow these rules so you can enjoy your seasons of clean hunting.

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