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    Is turkey trot lining legal in Oklahoma?

    Turkey hunting is legal in Oklahoma, but you are not free to hunt turkeys at will. Your hunting club is a place that allows you space to hunt, but you cannot hunt whenever you like. You must be careful to follow the local rules and regulations for turkey hunting in Oklahoma, in your jurisdiction and for the season.

    #1: The Season

    There is a season for turkey hunting that you must abide by. The season changes dates every year, and you must mark these dates on your calendar. It is dangerous to assume that the dates will be the same as last year, and that assumption could lead you to hunt illegally without your knowledge. You will be cited, and you could be arrested for hunting out of season.

    #2: The Numbers

    You may hunt turkeys during the proper season, but you need to hunt in the right numbers. Every hunter is allowed a certain number of kills, and you may not exceed that number during the season. You are required to report your kills to the state, and you must faithfully address the kills that you have made. Falsifying this information could lead to a loss of your hunting license or worse.

    #3: Proper Weapons

    You must hunt with proper weapons during turkey hunting season. Fish and game rangers check the weapons of hunters they meet, and you cannot be caught with a weapon that is not approved by the state. You must be licensed to carry the weapon you use during hunting season, and you must have a copy of that permit on your person while hunting.

    #4: Proper Areas

    You must hunt in approved areas. Hunters that stray outside approved areas can be cited by fish and game rangers, and you will lose your hunting license. Hunting outside these areas is potentially dangerous because you may rouse suspicion from someone who may take you for an intruder.

    #5: Safety

    You must wear proper safety gear during the hunting season, and you will be cited for hunting without proper safety gear. The safety gear is an essential, and you put the hunting club in jeopardy by not using proper safety precautions.