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    How to get a hunting license

    Sportsmen proudly fund the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, and they receive no general state tax revenues. Each time people purchase hunting and fishing licenses in Oklahoma, they are funding wildlife conservation in the state. The Department obtains the majority of their money through the sale of licenses, and these funds go towards managing the fish and game species. People may purchase a license using three methods:

    • Online
    • License Dealer
    • Non-residents

    How to purchase a hunting license


    For an online purchase, individuals will pay a $3.00 convenience fee for the online application. Afterwards, applicants simply apply and print their license. They will not have to wait for their license in the mail. The second method people can use is known as purchasing from a licensed dealer, and considering there are more than 700 license dealers spread across the Sooner State, people will find no shortage of places to purchase a license. The best place to find a license dealer would be bait shops and sporting goods stores. Non-residents often use the third method. They may obtain a license by calling the Wildlife Department at (405) 521-3852.

    Whenever hunting in Oklahoma, people are required to buy a hunting license. Park rangers and game wardens monitor the state to make sure that those who are hunting have licenses. Residents convicted of hunting without a license will be charged with a misdemeanor and given a fine that ranges between $250 to $1,000, and they could receive up to 30 days in a county jail.

    Lifetime hunting license

    People who plan to live in Oklahoma for the rest of their lives may want to consider purchasing a lifetime hunting license. However, individuals who rarely hunt may prefer an annual license. Determining the best license comes down to preference. Here are the options:

    • Annual License
    • 5-year License
    • Lifetime License

    Additional licenses may be needed depending on the game type. Hunters will need separate licenses for antelope, elk, migratory waterfowl, rattlesnake, bear, turkey, sandhill crane, deer by archery and deer by firearm.

    Individuals who want to purchase a hunting license will need a valid driver’s license and social security number for identification. License fees support the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, an organization that receives no other state tax funding. Oklahoma residents under 16 and non-residents under 14 do not need an Oklahoma hunting license.

    For more information please contact Oklahoma Hunt Club at 918.633.4589 or online today.