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    Gearing up for the Fall hunting seasons

    The sun hasn’t come close to setting on the summer season of beaches and barbecues, but for hunters looking forward to the Fall hunt, it is intimately known that it is the legwork done weeks and even months beforehand that allows the hunter to be in the right place at the right time once that anticipated day arrives. Following are a few suggestions that will help you prepare for what’s coming:

    Get your stamps, tags and licenses

    If you want to hunt game – whether it be big game or small – you’re going to need the documents to do it legally. For hunters of big game like elk and deer, you’ll also require the species tags for whatever animal you’re seeking. Hunters of small game such as waterfowls will require not only federal migratory bird stamps – birds are interstate species – but also state validation. Moreover, for some birds, you’ll need extra authorizations to go along with harvest report cards. The whole exercise can quickly become complex so you might want to purchase the requisite game pamphlets which thoroughly lists out all the details on what license you need for what hunt.

    Go out and scout

    For a successful hunt, it’s best to familiarize yourself with the land to compete with the intimate knowledge of the animals that live on that land. See the country and find the daily goings-on of the area, the landscape and the movement of its game. When the time comes to hunt, you’ll have a leg up on just where to be and when to be there.

    Get into good shape

    The best hunters are those who cover the most ground. If you can stay in the game from dawn to dusk, then the probability that you’ll be successful increases dramatically. Many of us are stuck at a desk from dawn to dusk all year, so it’s easy to lose the requisite physical condition to be active for long periods of time. When you have free time, begin a regiment that includes jogging, walking, climbing and even weight-training. Not only will you be more adequately prepared to hunt, but you’ll also have a great start on a healthy lifestyle that will keep you alive longer and happier.

    With just these few things, you can do a lot to get organized for a good fall hunting seasons. Good luck.