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    Coyote Hunting Tips

    Coyote hunting is a sport that is challenging, entertaining and serves an important function in many places. Not only are coyotes intelligent predators that pose a challenge to hunters of all levels, they are also pests in many rural and suburban areas. When you are thinking about going on your first coyote hunt, consider these important tips.

    Bring Along Calls

    Coyotes are predators, and that means that they are always on the move. Unlike deer and rabbits, you’re not going to be able to pick them off from their hunting grounds. Instead, you will need calls to bring them to you. Any kind of rabbit call is going to be a good choice, but you can also pick up coyote specific calls, including distress calls that are quite effective. Go out with a range to choose from, and don’t be afraid to use them.

    Shoot Quickly

    Coyotes are sometimes extremely wary, and many of the ones that live closer to human habitation seem to know exactly how far your gun can shoot. When you get a coyote within range, take your shot as soon as you can. Waiting for the coyote to get closer and closer is not going to do you any favors at all, so be quick and sure.

    Consider Your Dogs

    Dogs, especially curs of all types, can be trained to bait coyotes, bringing them closer and closer. It takes very well-trained dogs to handle this type of exercise, but if you have dogs on the field, you need to be well-trained too. Never fire at a coyote until your dogs are out of range. Remember that a running dog can cross space very quickly, and the last thing you want to do is hurt it.

    Sight and Sound

    Like many predators, coyotes have amazing senses. There are many different positions that will allow you to shoot a coyote, but they will all be downwind and with a fair amount of cover. These animals know what men with guns look like, and they know to be wary.

    Be Patient

    Remember that coyotes are quick, but they can take some time before they make themselves known. When you are working with a call, spend 20 minutes calling at least before you give it up to try elsewhere.

    Hunt on Private Land

    For the best experience, look for private land where you can hunt in peace. The hunting grounds of the Oklahoma Hunting Club are privately managed, and the promise you a hunting experience that is sure to please! To learn about our options contact us today.