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    Bringing Guests on Your Next Hunt

    Oklahoma Hunt Club offers members a range of hunting trips throughout the year. If you are planning a hunting trip and want to bring guests, it is important to make reservations for the hunt beforehand. When bringing more than one guest, additional fees may be incurred. Some hunts allow members to bring up to two guests free of charge.

    Bringing Guests on Hunts

    Members are allowed to bring one guest free of charge on upland hunts, or when hunting quail or pheasants. Additional guests may accompany members on upland hunts by paying a fee of $125 per guest.

    When hunting waterfowl, members may bring one guest free of charge, and are allowed to pay a $125 fee for each additional guest. When hunting in a permanent blind, four seats are available per blind. Hunters should reserve the required amount of seats for guests prior to the hunt to ensure seats are available when permanent blinds are desired.

    When hunting predators, members may bring two guests free of charge. Additional guests may be allowed, provided members pay the required fee for each additional guest. When hunting predators within city limits, guests should be aware of both the city and state regulations for hunting within city limits.

    Deer and Turkey Hunting

    Guests are not allowed to hunt deer or turkey on Oklahoma Hunting Club properties due to the limited availability of these types of game. Guests visiting the property during deer season should avoid hunting deer.

    What to Know about Hunting in Oklahoma

    Guests must follow the rules and regulations provided by Oklahoma Hunt Club and the state of Oklahoma when hunting on the properties. For instance, guests must be licensed to hunt in the state of Oklahoma, and must take only the allowed number of game from the property each day. Bag limits are the same for guests and members for waterfowl, quail, pheasants, deer and predators.

    To obtain the necessary licenses to hunt in Oklahoma, contact any organization in the state that offers hunting licenses. Both members and guests must pay the necessary fees required by the state of Oklahoma to obtain their license. Guests should avoid hunting for game outside the appropriate season, and should follow state and location regulations to determine whether to use a bow or gun to hunt game. For more information contact us today.