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    What is a Honey Badger Wheel?

    A Honey Badger Wheel is a new, innovative mechanical system. It is practically a wheelbarrow without the basket. It is American made and a newer version of a hunting cart. The all terrain wheels make it suitable for any occasion – whether you are to go hunting, to take your child for a stroll, or to carry things when you move. The Honey Badger is especially made for moving your kill to another location for the purpose of cleaning or maneuvering in places where a larger vehicle cannot be used. 

    They range from $400 to $1600 depending on the specific model you purchase, and can hold upwards of 250 pounds. 

    People, hunters especially, will start raving about investing in the Honey Badger Wheel! You can easily carry it on your back wherever you do- it weighs about 15 pounds and can fold up into a compact backpack size item. It is basically a collapsible cart that can help you transport items from one place to another. For hunters, this is great; it eliminates the need for saddle bags and other heavy bulky carrying devices. Your hunt can be quartered and strapped onto the frame. Then you can easily bring it out of the forest to your vehicle to get it home. 

    There is also an accessory sold called the “Deer Carrier” where you can strap the whole animal onto the cart. When you attach saddle bags onto the sides, it can easily fit a much larger animal. 

    Not only can you use this for hunting. You can easily use this for hiking. The cart can be adjusted to any height so that any size user can feel comfortable when they are pushing it. If you are having trouble carrying a large backpack on a trail, this will be a great alternative as you can push it, giving your back a rest!

    The Honey Badger Wheel will be well worth the purchase: You can use it for multiple purposes. It is lightweight so you can carry it on your back when you are not using it. You don’t need to worry about whether or not it will be comfortable to use, as it can adjust to any height for any user. There are many accessories you can purchase to attach to the wheel helping you carry more items than you could imagine. That’s just the start; once this becomes big, a million more purposes and advantages will become apparent.

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