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    Top 3 items to keep you warm during this hunting season

    Hunters feel their best when they are properly hydrated and nourished, as well as warm and dry. Having the right gear for the elements simply makes any outdoor experience more enjoyable, and allows hunters to focus on the task at hand. Read on for three top items that can keep you warm and comfortable this hunting season.

    1. Waterproof Insulated Boots

    Cold or wet boots and feet can make any hunting experience a miserable one. Invest in a solid pair of durable outdoor boots. Choose an insulated waterproof pair with a roomy toe box. Choose grams of Thinsulate based on the extremity of temperature that you will be facing, and be sure that the boots feature adequate traction. Remember to bring an extra pair of laces with you in case you endure a lace breaking while you are out in the woods. Ask fellow hunters for recommendations, or read online reviews for top choices per price point.

    2. Hooded Jacket

    It is essential to keep as much skin covered as possible. Hooded jackets allow you to seal off your neck area and keep it warm and dry. Choose a multifunctional camouflage jacket that features a breathable insulated liner, waterproof shell, and wind proofing capabilities. Look for a machine washable version to add ease to your hunting activities. Some hooded jackets have the additional feature of being reversible with camouflage on one side, and blaze on the other. Other versions feature a built in visor to protect you from precipitation.

    3. Base layer Pants

    Don’t forget to properly insulate your legs. Always wear a base layer. Many heavyweight tights offer fantastic moisture wicking, as well as heat preservation. This important base layer is sleek and stretchy. Some base layer pants also offer a compression feature to aid with oxygen supply and increased blood flow while you are braving the elements. Other options feature an antimicrobial scent blocker to inhabit odor formation. While base layer pants vary in material, they all allow you to stay focused on the hunt. Choose a machine washable variety with a fly for use of ease.

    Wear layers, invest in good boots, cover as much skin as possible, and continue enjoying the sport!

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