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    Tips For Catching A Big Buck This Season

    Hunting season is an exciting time if you score a spike or a due, but few hunters will deny the allure of potentially scoring a massive trophy buck. Here are a few tips that can increase your chances of catching a big buck this season.

    Be Patient During the Rut

    If you see several does emerge, it might be tempting to shoot. This is particularly true if you have been waiting for a few (possibly very cold) hours without sight of a single deer.

    Yet, patience in the presence of does can be advantageous if you are hunting during the “rut.” This is the deer breeding season; during this time, where there are does, there will likely be bucks. This also means that the bucks will be more reckless and, as a result, provide an easier target.

    Rut periods vary by region, so research your desired hunting area to determine when the rut normally occurs. Occasionally, the rut is early or late, but you can at least get an approximate time period that will increase the chances of scoring a large buck.

    Prepare for Silence

    Though it might sound obvious, not all hunters properly prepare for a period of solitary stillness. Make sure that you use the bathroom once more and you also predetermine any weather changes. For example, if you are hunting in the evening, prepare for temperatures to drop and bring more clothes.

    If you have to leave your spot for any reason, you risk disturbing potential bucks. Similarly, if you do not prepare for the weather, you risk creating excessive noise through shivering and will not shoot as accurately if your hands are shaking.

    Lay the Groundwork

    In the days before you plan to shoot anything, make sure that your environment is in peak condition. This means that you have provided a consistent food source, like using a corn feeder, you have ensured that your blind or shed is stable and well-concealed, and you have sighted your gun for the expected distance. By preemptively setting everything up, you can make tweaks long before you plan to hunt; hoof prints and droppings can tell you a lot about traffic patterns and buck size.

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