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    Teaching your children about hunting safety

    Many parents love to pass on the tradition of hunting to their children. This can be an exciting bonding experience between generations. While recreational hunting may seem like all fun and games for children, it is extremely important to teach them about hunting safety so that no potentially dangerous accidents occur. From familiarizing yourself with your state’s hunting laws, to ensuring that your children take the proper safety courses before heading out into the wilderness, a few simple steps can help to save their life while allowing them to experience the great outdoors and wildlife in a fun, safe and responsible manner.

    Hunting Laws

    The first step in teaching your children about hunting safety is to look into the laws that are present in your state. Laws may vary from one state to the next. While you’re probably anxious to get your little explorer out for his or her first hunting experience, they must first meet the minimum age requirement. Young hunters may also need to be accompanied by an adult who is not hunting to ensure that proper safety precautions are taken. In addition, some states may also require that young hunters pass an educational hunting class before they are legally able to hunt. These educational classes will teach them all they need to know about hunting and how to protect themselves and those around them.

    Gun Safety Courses

    Before children can go hunting, they must know how to properly and safely operate a gun. Parents may choose to first introduce their children to BB guns and begin to teach them good safety habits. Safety courses are also available by local gun clubs and archery clubs within your area. These learning experiences will teach children how to handle different types of bow and firearms safely and with the utmost caution. Youth archery and shooting programs help to prepare them for hunting and how their actions must be thought-out to ensure their safety.

    Leading by Example

    The best way to teach your children about hunting safety is to lead by example. Your own actions are ones that your child may try to mimic while hunting together. It is important to pay attention to everything that you’re doing. Ensure that you are handling your guns or bows with extra safety precautions so that these habits are instilled in your child’s mind.

    Not only should firearm safety be taken into consideration while hunting, but it is also important to ensure that children are not careless when using ATVs, tree stands and other types of motor vehicles. Your hunting partner will learn the ins and outs of hunting safety by watching you while you enjoy your outdoor bonding experience.

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