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    Practice Makes Perfect

    Target Shooting Before Your Big Hunt

    There’s no telling what types of situations you may find yourself in when out in the field or forest for your big hunt. Because the wilderness and wildlife can be quite unexpected, it is important to ensure that you are prepared and that your aim is dead-on. Whether you’re new to shooting or simply need to brush up on your skills, target shooting is deal to take advantage of before going hunting. Whether you are planning to hunt with a rifle or a bow, practicing always makes perfect.

    Practicing on Focus

    There are several different things that you will want to practice during target shooting before your big hunt. One of the most important things is your focus. A good shot starts in your head. If you are not focused on your target, pulling the trigger may result in a bad shot. When practicing on your target, ensure that every shot gets your very best effort. When you are no longer able to concentrate on your target, it is likely time to call it quits for the day.

    Improving Your Positions

    There are several different positions that you may choose to shoot from during your big hunt. Practicing these positions in advance will help you to get a feel for your rifle while choosing the most comfortable position. Some positions that you may choose to try while practicing your shooting include sitting crossed-leg, sitting crossed-ankle or by kneeling. No matter what position you choose, bone-on-bone support is key in ensuring a good shot every time.

    Knowing Your Shooting Limits

    Target shooting can help you to improve your shots on standing targets. Target shooting outdoors rather that in an indoor setting is ideal for practicing in various conditions that may affect your shot such as wind and distance. It is important to always know your limits while hunting and to typically take the shot when you’re at least 90% sure that you are able to make a lethal hit in the conditions that you are dealing with. Shots are running animals can be increasingly more difficult, but can also be practiced on moving targets.

    Firing When Ready

    Always think before you fire. Think of target practice as a warm-up for the big day. Take your time before you choose to shoot. Typically, hunters have more time than they choose to use which could result in a better shot. Patience is key which can be practiced in advance.