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    Never go hunting without these 6 items

    Whether you are setting out into an unknown area or one you’ve traversed many times, what you carry in your pack can save your life. We all have items we want to carry to bag the big buck, but some items can be essential for survival.

    Water — the Essence of Life

    Carry a bottle of water and water purification pills to ensure that you have safe drinking water. If the area does not have water sources, carry extra water. Hot weather, exertion, and low fluid intake instigate dehydration, which can cause dizziness, headaches, and other symptoms, according to the Mayo Clinic.

    First Aid Kit

    Although you don’t need to pack the entire medicine chest, you should carry a small first aid kit. Excessive equipment will weigh you down so pick a lightweight, waterproof kit packed with the essentials for your health issues and the terrain, such as snake bite kit. Tuck in extra bandages or antibiotic cream if possible.


    A small, accurate compass can literally show you the way home. Choose a simple one, such as the trusty baseplate models, or one of the new digital types and either carry a spare battery or install a new one before setting out. Practice good hiking habits by reading your compass on the way in and reverse the direction on the way out. Study maps of the area to navigate toward major roads, towns, and other populated areas.

    Fire Starter and Kindling

    Nothing is worse than being cold or wet and not having a fire. A fire starter, such as matches in a waterproof container, a butane lighter, or flint stick, and highly flammable kindling can help ignite a fire, even with damp fuel.

    Flashlight and Spare Batteries

    A good flashlight for illuminating your surroundings in the dark can also be a lifesaving signal light. Choose a lightweight, water resistant one with a bright beam. Companies offer many new LED products specifically for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts.


    Carry extra food, such as glucose tablets, power bars, or nut mixes, to prevent low carbohydrate problems. When your blood sugar levels drop, you can experience several debilitating conditions. Lightheadedness, dizziness, confusion, and other symptoms can hamper your ability to make your way to safety. Keep your food choices lightweight and nutritious and high in carbohydrates and protein.

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