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    Hunting Safety Tips

    When approached in a sensible manner, the hunting sport is an enjoyable and safe activity for people of most ages. However, carelessness and neglect are what often get hunters and others into trouble. These are a few hunting safety tips you should be using at all times.

    Firearm Safety

    Pretend every firearm is loaded. Even if you are sure that, without a shadow of a doubt, your firearm is unloaded, convince yourself that it is. Many firearm mishaps, injuries, and even deaths are the direct result from the gun owner simply believing that the weapon is unloaded. Unsafe practices are never okay simply because you are under the impression a firearm is unloaded. When not using the gun, be sure to unload it.

    Never aim the firearm at anything you don’t intend to shoot. Simply enough, avoid pointing your firearm anywhere other than directions in which you will be shooting.

    Double-check the target and its surroundings. Don’t take shots on game that is either too far away to be seen clearly, or game that isn’t fully exposed. Additionally, know what is beyond your target before shooting.

    Clear the action and barrel of obstructions. Mechanical errors and mishaps are the common result from obstructions in both the barrel and action areas. Look them over before operating the firearm.

    Wear hunter orange at all times. The classic fluorescent orange worn by hunters has been known to save lives time and time again. Because deer do not possess red cone receptors in their eyes, they cannot differentiate between hunter orange or browns/greens.

    Keep your ammo separate from your firearms. When storing in the off-season or between trips, never store the two of these things together.

    Steer clear of drugs and alcohol before or during a hunting trip. It might seem obvious, but consuming mind-altering substances before a hunting trip can be extremely dangerous. Avoid even taking medications that pose minimal risk for drowsiness.

    Tree Stand Safety

    Employ the use of a safety belt when climbing. Whether it’s your deer stand, a tree, or a fence, secure yourself with a safety belt to cut down on risk of injury. Never climb or scale anything while holding a loaded firearm.

    Splurge on a quality stand. The extra money spent on a portable, sturdy stand will pay off in the long run. Once you’re in your stand, immediately strap yourself in.

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