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    Hi-Tech Hunting Gear

    As long as mankind has been on the planet, hunters have been a mainstay of their communities. However, much has changed in the thousands of years since bows and spears were considered effective weaponry. Hunting gear and new technology that provide outdoor lovers with a greater advantage areĀ continually being developed.

    Scent Control Outerwear

    While hunters commonly go to great lengths to avoid being detected by their scent, in the last decade, certain companies have incorporated revolutionary concepts into outerwear clothing. Scent-LokĀ® manufactures a full-line of apparel for head to toe protection that uses activated-carbon to prevent human scent from escaping and ruining the hunt. Recently, Under Armor developed coats and jackets that harbor a layer of antimicrobial silver, which is also designed to lock in odors.

    Bow Mounted Rangefinders

    Many hunters use handheld range finders in the field. However, the noise associated with getting the device out of a pocket and the time it take to sight the range can alert game and ruin the shot. The affordable Dead On and Tagged Out rangefinders work in conjunction with pin sites and easily install directly into the housing. The technology uses bracketing that enables hunters to pre-calculate four different ranges before the actual hunt. Leupold created a laser range detection system that mounts directly onto the bow. Once zeroed, the device provides a digital read-out of the target distance. All of the devices are appropriate for any type of weather condition.

    Adhesive Light Strips

    Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike might find LED light strips useful for many different applications. Use the weatherproof strips to mark range distances or as trail markers to find your way in the dark. Each strip is visible at distances of up to one-quarter mile and features continuous, slow or fast strobe operation. The lights are also available in a wide selection of colors.

    Game Detection Systems

    Game approach alert monitors provide the advantage of being ready when game is headed your way. Each unit comes with a transmitter and a receiver. When strategically placed in the surrounding area, the device uses infrared sensors to detect the heat of moving animals before they come into sight. As the target approaches, the receiver emits an audible or a silent vibration alert.

    The Oklahoma Hunt Club is always willing to work with amateur and experienced hunters in the area. Contact the club at 918-633-4589 and make arrangements to hunt on private land today.