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    Game Wardens and Their Role in Your Hunt

    Game Wardens play an important role in all types of hunting throughout Oklahoma. Wardens enforce fish and wildlife laws in order to protect hunters, and to ensure that the state’s abundant wildlife are preserved for generations to come.


    Game Wardens are required to pass an examination before working for the state of Oklahoma. The examination ensures that potential Wardens are knowledgeable in hunting, fishing, and wild life laws, as well as many other outdoor activities. A Bachelor’s Degree in a wildlife related field is preferred, but the aspiring Game Warden must have at least 16 credit hours in biology or wildlife related courses. The Warden applicant must also be able to pass physical and psychological examinations to ensure they can successfully handle the rigors that await this position.


    Game wardens perform a wide array of duties that all play an important part in keeping hunting safe and enjoyable for Oklahoma sportsmen and women. Game wardens maintain a presence in public hunting grounds and fishing waters, and are ready to take action if someone violates a regulation. During hunting season, Wardens actively check to make sure hunters have up to date licenses, and that they are within the bag limits for the game being hunted. Landowners may call upon Game Wardens if problems arise from a surplus in unwanted game, or if the landowner suspects poaching problems. Poachers are often quite stealthy and can be hard to catch, so Game Wardens may have to stake out areas late into the night to catch the violators.

    Aside from enforcing laws, Wardens teach hunter education classes and fishing courses for youth or those new to the outdoors. These classes help ensure that new sportsmen and women are familiar with regulations and safe practices. Wardens also take an active role in communities, speaking to various groups and clubs on the importance of conservation and teaching youth to value Oklahoma’s vast natural resources.

    Game Wardens and You

    Game Wardens are in place to make sure outdoors-men and women follow the laws in place, ensuring that we all have a safe and responsible hunt. They are a great ally to hunters, because like us, they love Oklahoma and want to make sure the land and game are here for future generations to enjoy.