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    Essential Hunting Gear for a Rainy Oklahoma Springtime Hunt

    Spring has arrived and so have the Spring Turkeys for hunting season. You will need the right kind of gear to hunt longer and more efficiently. Your gear is also essential to an emergency situation that may occur. There are many hunting accessories, but the essentials can be narrowed down to quality clothing, protective gear, weaponry, and calls.

    Quality Clothing

    When you are in the outdoors, quality clothing can make all the difference, especially if it is rainy season. A good pair of waterproof boots with strong ankle support is essential. Additionally, camouflaged raingear, shirt, jacket, gloves, pair of pants, and facemask will help with concealment from your prey. The eyesight of a turkey is impeccable so choose camo that is adaptable to the environment and can outsmart the turkey. A turkey vest has many pockets designed to carry specific gear and is a perfect way to keep everything organized and silent.

    Protective Gear

    Protection for your eyes and ears are a smart addition to your hunting gear. Choose wrap-around glasses that are adjustable and shatter resistant with a lens color that will enhance your ability to spot wildlife. Foam padding on the frame can increase the comfort of the glasses. Additionally, anti-fog technology or an anti-fog spray will strengthen clarity. Ear plugs and earmuffs will protect your ears from the danger of hearing loss. Last but not least, bring a blaze orange vest and hat to safely carry your kill.


    There are many different shotguns and shotgun shell combinations for turkey hunting but bows, arrows and broad heads are a different story. Choose a bow with a shorter axle-to-axle length if you are going to be inside a ground blind. Since accuracy is essential with turkey hunting, a lighter draw weight and higher let off will help. You can find specific turkey broad heads that are designed for head-shooting, but many hunters recommend mechanical heads. A knife is also important to field dress your turkeys


    Whether you choose a slate, push button, diaphragm call, or box, pick something that works for you.

    There is a plethora of hunting gear to add to your collection, but it is more important that you have the essentials. Of course, be sure to purchase a hunting license and research the regulations for the area where you are hunting before you go.

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