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    Best Hunting Shooting Positions

    Shooting can provide you with a lot of fun and enjoyment, and if you shoot at the range or hunt on a regular basis, you might be wondering which position you should use so that you can enhance and optimize your accuracy. Although some shooting positions are better than others, each serves its own unique purpose. Choosing the wrong position for the occasion can be harmful, but selecting an effective shooting position will enable you to get the best results. 


    The prone position provides a great deal of stability, and you must lay flat on your stomach and place both elbows firmly on the ground. Next, ensure your support elbow is directly under the rifle, and breath control is vital when shooting from the prone position. Although this position is great for matches, many find it difficult for hunting because of the limited line of sight. However, setting up a deer stand could provide a clear enough path to utilize the prone position effectively.


    The kneeling position provides a better line of sight than remaining prone and provides greater stability than standing. Many hunters enjoy this position because they can quickly and easily achieve it when they spot a deer. For the best results, you must place your support elbow on your knee, which enhances your accuracy and stabilizes your shot. The kneeling position is great for shots between distances of 100 and 250 meters. 

    Standing Position

    The standing position is the fastest to achieve but offers reduced stability. Hunters often use this position when they suddenly spot a deer that is holding still and not moving, and you must hold your support elbow close to your body when lining up your shot. The standing position is common for leisurely trips to the range and competitions. 

    Final Thoughts

    A great deal of thought must be put into which position you are going to use at any given moment. When at the range, practicing from each position is recommended so that you can get the best results when hunting. Although finding a great location to use the prone position is difficult and challenging, it provides enhanced stability and accuracy. The kneeling position is great for short to mid-range distances, but if you unexpectedly spot a dear, you might not have enough time to achieve this position. When this happens, you must shoot from the standing position. 

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