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    Beginning Hunting 101: what you need to know

    Whether hunting waterfowl, turkey or whitetail deer, the excitement and adventure of the hunt draws new people every year. However, since hunting is a government regulated and potentially dangerous activity, there are certain things a newcomer needs to know, as well as things even experienced hunters should review.

    Hunter Safety Course

    A good place to start your preparation for hunting is by taking a hunter safety course. These courses are available online, but new hunters may enjoy and benefit more from an actual classroom experience where they may meet other new hunters and ask questions of an instructor. In Oklahoma, there are several classroom courses available around the state.

    Hunters 31 years old or older are not required by law in Oklahoma to take a hunter safety course, but if you have limited experience, it is still a good idea to familiarize yourself with scenarios in which hunting accidents can happen.

    Review Gun Safety Practices

    Along with familiarizing yourself with safe hunting practices, you should also review safe gun handling, whether you are new to guns, or have been shooting many years. During a hunt, there are so many variables and conditions that will need your attention. Safe gun habits should be second nature, so you can stay safe even when you are distracted.

    Check State Regulations

    Be sure you review and become familiar with state regulations before you hunt. Season dates and hunting times vary from state to state, so it is important to know when it is legal to hunt your preferred game. Also, make sure you have the proper licensing and tags and know what to do to check in your game once you have harvested it.

    Also, make sure you understand the regulations and requirements specific to the land where you will be hunting. Government lands can have rules that apply to those lands that do not apply to other areas. Even private land-owners who lease or allow you to hunt their properties may have preferences for where and what you use to hunt game. For example, some land-owners only allow bow hunting or guns on certain areas of their properties.


    Hunting is one of the great adventures in this life. Being well prepared, properly equipped, and armed with the right information will help ensure you have a great first experience. To learn more about hunting on our property contact us!