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    Why Become A Hunt Club Member?

    Becoming a member of the Oklahoma Hunt Club is the easiest way to guarantee that you’ll have the best hunting experience in every type of season. Your membership will grant you year-round access to properties that are managed specifically for the benefit of hunters – the hunting locations are meticulously prepared and maintained, the animal populations are carefully managed, and reserving your hunt is as easy as the click of a button.

    Public Hunting Grounds

    Public hunting grounds are often overcrowded, which not only makes them dangerous, but also significantly reduces the odds that you’ll have a successful hunt. If you’re hunting for trophies, these unmanaged populations cut the odds even further.

    The Alternatives

    There are two alternatives to hunting on public land – obtain permission to hunt on private land, or purchase your own hunting property. Permission to hunt on private land isn’t always easy to obtain, and still puts you at the mercy of the owner’s preparation (or lack thereof). Purchasing your own parcel for the purposes of hunting is simply too expensive for many people, and a poor, labor-intensive investment for those that can afford it.

    Why Join?

    Joining the Oklahoma Hunt Club gives you right to year-round hunting on lands that are maintained for the purpose. Whatever you wish to hunt, you’ll be provided with the best possible hunting experience every time you go out. High-quality results are a virtual guarantee.

    White-Tail Deer Hunting

    The Oklahoma Hunt Club provides its members with some of the best white-tail deer hunting in the region. Year-round food plots keep deer coming back to the club’s property’s, and a system of trail cameras keeps careful watch of the herds. Well-maintained blinds are placed in the best possible locations and provided to members every season. Want to hang your own stand or build your own blind? The Oklahoma Hunt Club will work with to you to do that, too.

    Waterfowl and Game Bird Hunting

    Members have access to well-made, permanent blinds on the club’s water properties. Upland properties are carefully managed to balance quail, pheasant, and chucker hunts with bow-season deer hunters, and all members can take advantage of the white-tail deer properties to hunt turkey in the spring season.

    Predator Hunting

    Predator hunting is freely available to members every year from January to September. Coyote hunting is always popular sport in Oklahoma, and with a furbearer license, you may even have the opportunity to add a bobcat to your trophy collection.


    Once you’ve experienced a hunt on the Oklahoma Hunt Club’s properties and taken a well-groomed trophy, you’ll never look at public lands the same way again. The safety alone is worth the cost of membership – you can’t put a price on your life!

    Call us at 918.633.4589 or contact us online for more information on Oklahoma’s hunting season and to reserve your hunt today!