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    10 Tips To Make Your Next Hunt Better

    Do you dream of bagging a trophy deer? Those majestic animals are out there, but you have to know how to snag one.

    1. Practice or Sight in Your Gun

    Rely on your past performance, and you might miss your shot by a mile. The same truth applies if you think your stored gun is ready to go. You increase your success when you consistently practice with your hunting rifle, and always sight in your gun.

    2. Take a Flashlight

    Mature bucks are crepuscular and typically move around during early morning dawn and late afternoon dusk. You need a flashlight as you arrive and leave the hunt site safely.

    3. Carry Binoculars

    When you rely on your rifle’s scope to help you see and identify buck, the excess movements could alert your prey. Carry lightweight binoculars instead.

    4. Inspect Your Equipment

    The day of the big hunt is not the time to realize your boots have holes, your gloves are missing or your scope is broken. Prepare everything you need and get all the details right before your hunt.

    5. Cover Your Scent

    Deer have sensitive noses. Wash your clothes in perfumed detergent, sit downwind, or forget scent-blocker and you will scare them away.

    6. Check the Weather

    Your success could depend on the weather forecast. It helps you dress appropriately, stand upwind, and determine whether the deer are traveling or lying low.

    7. Try New Spots

    Your buddy might have shot a big buck in a certain spot last year, but the deer may not be running that way this year. Be open to change.

    8. Stay Alert

    Deer hunting requires concentration. Forget snacks and water, dismiss noises, or doze off and you could miss your shot.

    9. Use Deer Scent

    Place a drop or two of doe estrus on to attract your buck. Remember, though, that a little goes a long way.

    10. Scout Your Prey

    Find ground scrapes, bark rubs, and travel trails and you’re on your prey’s path. Look in dense thickets and near water sources, too.

    If you want to increase your chances of deer hunting success, implement these 10 tips this year. Then, get your mantle ready for your trophy buck.